Braveheart,You're Not Too Old and It's Not Too Late! Who Says You Can’t Start a New Career After 50?

Who Says You Can’t Start a New Career After 50?

In my long career as a professional image maker, I’ve been to countless conferences, workshops, and seminars. One of my favorites is Imaging USA, put on annually by Professional Photographers of America(PPA), and it’s always a grand affair. For the past 6 years I haven’t missed one. It’s always good to connect with old friends while making new ones, in addition to attending the workshops and presentations.

These Photographers Started Their Photography Careers After 50

This time I went with a different purpose–to interview photographers who had started their photography career after the age of 50. What an interesting variety of people and stories! We interviewed a retired pediatric surgeon, anesthetist, radio engineer and school teacher,to name a few. We had a total of nine individuals passionately pursuing their second dream career of photography. Their specialities ran the gamut: pet photography , children and families, photojournalism, and even weddings! ( Weddings, which I personally stopped when I got closer to 50 because I just didn’t want that particular hectic pace any longer).

They inspired me!

Never too old, Never too late..

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