Finding Beauty in Dry Places Finding Beauty in Dry Places

Finding Beauty in Dry Places

We were created to live with Him in a garden, yet we awake every morning in the desert of a fallen world  
~Michael Card~

I live in the Mojave Desert. The driest desert in North America. Arid cold. Dry heat.  

Not exactly the sort of place you would expect a girl who loves to be surrounded by lush greenness, roses, plants, gardens. A girl who loves to get in the dirt and grow stuff.

It’s been quite  a challenge, but I have been able to cultivate beauty and fulfill my dreams of growing beautiful roses, as well as food to eat.   There are many spiritual lessons that parallel the physical experiences here in this dry place.  (For example, I have a deeper understanding of the four soils that Jesus talks about in Matthew 13: 3-9)

Additionally, I’ve searched  for and found beauty throughout this desert.  Stories and places that inspire.
I’ll be sharing my findings here to give hope and inspiration, and to let you know, no matter how dry the places in life are at times, there is beauty that can be cultivated in the midst of it.

to be continued….

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