Curated How Much is a Masterpiece?

How Much is a Masterpiece?

This post from Dayle Rogers resonates with me, especially today as I’m in the midst of hosting one of my True Beauty workshops for tween and teen girls. One of the topics covered in the workshops, is the power of positive affirmations. One of the phrases in the positive affirmation statements I give them is

I am a Masterpiece, custom-made, one-of-a-kind;

I also do a presentation entitled “What’s the Value, How Much Is it Worth?” and show a variety of things and have them guess how much the item is valued at. When I show a pair of gold shoes valued at 17million dollars, I usually get gasps of disbelief. When we get to the question “How much are YOU worth” they learn they are valuable beyond any price–they are priceless.

As Dayle rightfully states, we are all masterpieces-personally and purposefully created. Read her full blog post and embrace the Masterpiece that is YOU!

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